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Prevent Drains Infographic

Prevent Drains in your area

The best you can do is to know how to prevent clogs in your drains. The clogged sink drain is a problem that we can solve on our own too, here’s how. Learn more about tips to Prevent Drains!

Remove the Drain Stopper

In the bathroom, however, the main culprits of clogging the sink drain are the hair or maybe small pieces of personal hygiene products that have inadvertently fallen into it. In any case, remove the drain stopper from your shower!

Use the Plunger Bell

If we are talking about the kitchen sink it is easy that the obstruction originates from food waste and not that they ended up in the tub together with the dishes and therefore in the load, clogging the correct flow of water. For clogged kitchen sinks, use the plunger bell.

Deep clean your tub drain

Nothing seems to be more annoying than a clogged drain and, if the drain in question is that of the tub, it is even more annoying. The first thing we can think of is to call a plumber and ask him for the problem.

Place a bucket to know your P-Trap

A leaking tap can be annoying, but a leak under the sink is even worse. It is not uncommon for sediments to clog the P-trap, forcing pressure and causing leaks. First, place a bucket under the pipes to catch the trapped water. For any emergency, call us now!